Faith in Action

If you want to see what Muslim Americans truly represent, visit the Crescent Community Clinic and you will see Faith in Action.

In 2007, access to healthcare for the uninsured, under-served and indigent non-elderly adults of Hernando County weighted heavy on the hearts of a few Muslim physicians. It was staggering to learn that 20% of Hernando County residents did not have health insurance. These dedicated physicians took action. Following the Islamic wisdom of the Prophet Mohammed, “Wish for your brother what you wish for yourself”, they came together in 2008 to create Crescent of Hernando, Inc. a 501c3 healthcare organization.

These committed physicians gave of their resources, their time, their energy and most of all their hearts and opened the Crescent Community Clinic in Brooksville, Florida on June 11, 2008. The founders, Dr. AbuZarad, Dr. Ali, Dr. Reheem, Dr. Joud, Dr. Hiba, Dr. Fattah, Dr. Muftah gave in charity to help those in need of health care and volunteered on Saturdays to diagnose and treat those most in need. The first few years the clinic saw non-elderly adults with chronic health issues including asthma, arthritis, cancer, COPD, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, hypertension and obesity on a walk-in basis.

To keep up with the demand for services and the lack of space to expand in Brooksville it became necessary to relocate to the pocket of poverty community in zip code 34606. Receiving a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Foundation the clinic relocated to 5244 Commercial Way in the Winchester Plaza in Spring Hill. Due to influx of patients the walk-in services the clinic changed to appointments only.

On June 11, 2011, Crescent Community Clinic opened at the new location and expanded services to include chronic health clinics, dental clinics and mental health clinics. Everyone, including the licensed providers, office and support staff, is a volunteer making the clinic one of the most satisfying places to volunteer.

We are fortunate to have by our side a great number of partners and supporters both locally and regionally. To see who they are, go to the Partners and Supporters page on our website.

As the only charitable clinic in Hernando County, we caught cancers before they spread, saved diabetics from limb amputations, stopped kidneys from failing, reduced patients’ cholesterol levels, blood pressure, intervened with medication to reduce heart attacks and strokes, stabilized patients with epilepsy, provided meal planning and healthy nutrition programs, helped smokers to quit use of tobacco products and referred patients for clinical studies. The impact on the hospital charity care for uninsured patients is greatly reduced because of our intervention.

Patients with dental pain and oral infections have access to extractions and fillings by volunteer dentists and oral hygiene by licensed hygienists.

Our clinic does not just treat patients but we are concerned when patients are not able to afford their medications. Therefore, these patients are enrolled in the Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance programs and receive a year’s supply of medication.

We listened and responded to the lack access for mental health services in Hernando County. In February, 2011 the Nature Coast Recovery Summit spearheaded by our Director of Development was held with over 80 mental health professionals attending. As a result of the summit our clinic began offering mental health services. Individuals diagnosed with a mental illness are seen by a psychiatrist, licensed mental health counselors and receive medication or participate in individual or group support sessions at the clinic with licensed providers.

Since our inception in 2008, the clinic saw over 26,000 face-to-face patient visits at a savings to taxpayers, hospital charity programs and individuals of millions of dollars.

We struggle to meet our budget since do not receive any Federal, State or United Way funding and rely on donations to support the Crescent Community Clinic. We plan on meeting the community health care needs for the future.

We invite you to join us as we go forth with the expansion of services , our Women’s Health and Wellness and Boutique of Hope programs to ensure that the uninsured, underserved and indigent non-elderly of Hernando County will continue to have access to free healthcare.