Our Services

Our Chronic Health Clinic provides screenings for adults
ages 18 through 64 with chronic health conditions – arthritis, asthma, cancer, COPD, diabetes, emphysema, epilepsy, depression, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. When possible, physicians may refer patients to specialists for extended care. We will do our best to provide specialist care if available. No narcotics are on the premises nor will we write prescriptions for any narcotic or pain medications.

Dental Services.  In June of 2011, the Crescent Community Clinic opened its doors for dental services.  All services are provided by volunteer dentists, assistants and hygienists.  Dental care is available for patients 18 years of age and older.
At the Crescent Community Clinic, an average of 100 dental patients are seen each month for infection control, extractions and cleanings.  There is a definite need in Hernando County for dental services.  The clinic continues to need more dentists, assistants and hygienists, so if you know someone in the dental community, please encourage them to come and share their time and talent to help the people in need.  

Our Mental Health Clinic provides psychotherapy, counseling and individual therapy for mental illnesses.  No alcohol or drug abuse counseling.  Narcotics are not prescribed.


Our Health Literacy Programs


Smoking Cessation.two hour monthly class where the patient receives a nicotine patch and all the information and assistance to quit smoking. If you are a Crescent Community Clinic patient and our physician recommends your attendance at our smoking cessation program, the clinic may deny you future services if you are not in compliance with good medical advice.

Healthy Lifestyle (Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension) Patients diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, hypertension are strongly encouraged to participate in the monthly health literacy program conducted.

SNAP: Food Stamps.  A Florida Access representative is available at the clinic for assistance with application.  Tuesday 10AM – 2PM.  Walk-in, no appointment needed.

Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance.  Prescription help is here.  The program can help those who can not afford medication and get the medication needed for free for qualified individuals.  If the manufacturer has the PPA program, patients receive free medication up to one (1 ) year, renewable for future years with documentation on patient’s personal financial qualifications. Educate yourself or ask about the programs offered by the pharmaceutical companies.

Each pharmaceutical company has definite requirements on qualification. To qualify documentation from one of the following is required: proof of yearly income last year’s IRS tax return, W-2 form or Social Security disability letter.

If you anticipate needing PPA go to www.healthcare.gov and apply for Affordable Care Act. You will be denied if you do not have $11,700 monthly income. You ma receive a Medicaid denial letter. The letter is used for proof of need.

Crescent Community Clinic encourages patients to take advantage of this assistance.  We can help our patients with the paper work and application forms to get them started on the road to better health.

Pharmaceutical Prescription Assistance Program steps in applying are below:

  1. Check www.Rx Assist for medication eligibility
  2. Download application from manufacturer
  3. Patient complete information with no line left blank.
  4. Income verification from patient (4506T IRS, Medicaid denial letter, last year IRS return, pay stubs)
  5. Script from physician with renewals for one year
  6. Signatures of physician and patient with date

Approval or denial of medication from manufacturer may take 7 to 10 days

It is the responsibility of the patient to inform the clinic that he/she needs refills – eligibility is for one year time. Patient must re-apply each year for PPA. In some instances, patients may receive first 3 months of medication before needing Medicaid denial letter

Manufacturers Sanofi and Lilly medications must be renewed by clinic.GSK meds are filled by Walgreens which requires prescription number. With other manufacturers patients will get form and they can renew themselves. Medicines can be shipped to patient’s home if requested. Patients can renew meds from their bottle with prescription number, doctor’s name and patient’s social security and date of birth