“Crescent Community Clinic is very professional and even more friendly.  I have not been going here long, but already love it and appreciate you all very much.” I.B.

“Wonderful, Marcia is a very good therapist. I look forward to my session’s with her. Thank you so much for your service’s. Very much appreciated.” C.S.

“When I first started coming to the clinic I was lost, confused and shy away from people.  I have been coming to this clinic for about 3 years, though it took some time, dedicated to better myself.  I made progress through each individual that works here.  I learned who I was, who I became and have a better understanding of where I am going.  Still working out some of the flaws, however long it takes, each goal is worth the work.” P.W.

“I feel so blessed to be a patient here, to be treated with dignity and professionally, Dr. Muddassir, the time he takes to listen to me, easing my mind and helping me with all my pains and chronic issues.”  B.F.

“I must say what a fantastic job you all are doing.  Serving a community that so greatly appreciates your kindness.” J.T.

” The staff at the Crescent Clinic are the greatest.  They all have a very caring attitude.  If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know where I would be.” W.S.

” I thank all the doctor’s at Crescent Clinic for all the help I received.  I was in bad shape when I first started coming here. And now I have peace of mind and doing a lot better.  I hope whoever comes to the clinic will get the same treatment as I have.  I has been a blessing.”  M.

“I have to say a BIG thanks!  To all the staff that helped me along the way.  Barbara you are my Angel!!!! You have such a big heart, I love you. Justina you rock girl!! TY Janice thank you for being so caring!! Clyde my main man! Stay cool!  To Dr. Zarad, Fattah, Waqar, Ali I say a big thanks for your time and giving of your services.  Thanks for the advice, diagnosis and RX.  I wouldn’t have made it without you!  Dawn, thanks for the help with PPA. Maureen, thanks for being there when no one else was, pleasing my needs.  Sandy, thanks for handling the dental side, it sounds crazy enough.  Thanks to all who are behind the scene answering phones and doing paperwork.  God Bless you!” M. L.